Glass Canopy Fittings from Yako Hardware

For the past 15 years, Yako has been concentrating on the field of interior hardware. In recent years, we gradually started to go the route of outdoor hardware products, from mailboxes, door slots, door signs, glass spigot, etc. Under the guidance of a British customer, glass canopy fittings of connectors are our new pioneering mold.

Wall to Glass Connector

Rod to Glass Connector 

Wall to Rod Connector

Glass canopies or also known as awnings provide attractive and practical features to buildings. The canopy, usually placed outside the entrance door, protects people entering the building. It keeps the weather away from the door and prevents harsh sunlight. In addition, it allows natural light to pass through unlike cloth canopies. Clear glass is a popular choice. Other glass options are also used to enhance the exterior design elements. We provide installation and canopy glass hardware upon your request.

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