Lever Handle|Producing Process of Lever Handles

Lever handles are the part on the doors designed for holding or controlling and also for decorations. They are widely used for wooden doors, glass doors and metal doors in various kinds and styles. But do you know how such a lever handle comes out from the magical workers and engineers? Here are some information for you to fulfill your curiosity.

1/ Prepare the metal tubes (usually in 6 meters) in certain thickness and tube diameter
2/ Use the tube cutting machine to cut the 6m tubes into several tubes with certain same length
3/ Bend the tubes for different shapes or angles
4/ Put the tubes into the washing machine to clean them without any dirt
5/ Weld the rear part of the handle by electric welding machine automatically
6/ Weld the two tubes of handles together by spot welding
7/ Put the inserts into the handles
8/ Drill holes and fit the dowel pins to fix the inserts
9/ Drill holes again for the set screws
10/ Use the steel plates to produce the bases by punching
11/ Polish the surface of the handles and other accessories by sandpaper, nylon and related machines
12/ Assemble the handles and other accessories into one set
13/ Quality inspection then pack full sets into the boxes and cartons

You may think wow, so many steps for a handle which looks very simple. Yes, Yako always insist on producing all hardware products in professional technique and always pursue to provide the best quality and service for our friends, as our company motto says.