Introduction on House Number

      House numbers are identifiers made into numbers, providing a unique number for a building and a house, which is to help people easier to find a specific building.
      According to installation methods, house numbers could be divided into 3 kinds: with legs, screw mounted and adhesive mounted.
      House numbers with legs are concealed-screw type, which means you could not see the screws from the front after installation. There are two rods on the back of the house numbers, fixing the house numbers on the walls. The house numbers could be separated with the walls by a short distance, so they look like floating in the air.
      Screw mounted house numbers are visible-screw type, which means you could see the screws from the front after installation. Because the screws are exposed for more convenient installation.
      Adhesive mounted house numbers are usually used with 3M adhesive stickers/tapes. Without fixing the screws, you can directly stick the house numbers to the walls and it could be a DIY project for all people.
      House numbers are usually made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy and acrylic material. Most of them are stainless steel material whose structure could make the house numbers stronger for a longer-time usage without getting rusty and fading.
      House numbers can be made into different fonts or patterns according to the habits and aesthetic standards in each region. You can also customize various colors and sizes according to your preference.