Ball Bearings Hinge

  Door hinges, which can not only hold your doors in place but also complement the interior renovation as home decor, is widely used for architectural project and household design.
  Type of door hinges could be divided into concealed hinges, take apart hinges, spring hinges, piano hinges, butt hinges, cranked hinges, pivot hinges, flush hinges and ball bearings hinges. The most popular and hot-selling type among them is ball bearings hinges.
  Ball bearings hinges have lubricated bearings between their knuckles for reducing friction caused by heavy doors. Ball bearings could reduce friction by providing smooth metal balls and the smooth inner and outer metal surface for the balls will be easier to roll against. These balls could bear the high load from the doors and support a high weight of the doors, allowing your mounted hinges to operate super-smoothly with minimal resistance. Therefore, ball bearings hinges are one of the most ideal product for heavy doors for durable and frequent use.
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