How to install Yako's magnetic door lever handle?

Door Lever Handle

Yako's magnetic lever handles are modern and elegant looking and easy to install.

These Magnetic handles are designed to be fixed to door with through bolts.  
1.    Measure the door thickness and mark the centre at desired height for latch.
2.    Mark the face of door each side at 60mm for drilling a 16mm hole and two 7mm holes at
38mm centre to centre for premium latch
3.    Drill a 25mm hole through door edge. It is important to drill this hole square.
4.    For clean cut-outs, drill from both sides, meeting in the middle of door.
5.    Remove any loose sawdust and insert latch.
Scribe around face, remove, and then chisel out recess to enable latch to sit flush with door edge.
6.    Insert latch and fasten with screws supplied.
7.    Gently close door against frame and mark latch position for fitting of strike plate.  Router or chisel so plate fits flush, allowing for plastic recess box if required.

1.    With latch fitted to door, ensure all holes line up prior to fitting door handles.
2.    Fit outside lever with fixed pillars internal threaded to door and attach magnetic plate on the inside.
3.    Check the desired length required of the 75mm snap off bolts and trim as required to suit door thickness and insert through internal magnetic mounting plate and tighten.
4.    Install the split spindle
5.    When positioning spindle, ensure that it will allow the grub screws on the levers to tighten up on grooved face of Spindle.
6.    Fit remaining lever to the door by clicking in place on the magnetic plate.
7.    Tighten grub screws on levers once alligned to ensure they are straight.
8.    The grub screws may require tightning over time.
9.    Test door and if necessary adjust strike to take up any rattle that may occur