New Bathroom Grab Bar Handrails with Backrest

There are many types of bathroom grab bars on the market today, and have various functional characteristics. Constructed from nylon, stainless steel, or wooden, etc.. Among the main styles are: suction handrails, non-slip bathroom handrails, U-shaped handrails, knurled handrails, PU pad handrails and so on.

Recently we launched new bathroom backrest handrail is very popular in the market and is a new product developed by us, which is sold in Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Portugal and other countries, with a monthly sales volume of 100,000 sets. Our bathroom backrest handrail is exquisite in appearance, very sturdy, durable and good quality.

It will not flake and fade after electroplating and polishing, and it has strong anti-rust ability in humid environment, and the overall structure is firm.
Corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, strong stability, no fading, anti-wear function, good bonding force.