Window Friction Stay

A window friction stay hinge is a variable window hinge that opens and closes windows securely. As the name suggests, the adjustable friction slider helps keep the window in the open position.Window friction stay are commonly used for the casement window.

How do window friction stay work,
friction hinges are installed on both sides of a door or window. When the windows are opened or closed with force, the hinges will not fully open or close. Instead, they can maintain a stable, motionless posture. Friction hinges are designed so that they stay in the desired position for a long time.
The friction stay should be rust-proof, because rust will affect the smoothness of sliding, thereby reducing the function of the friction stay. 300 series stainless steel has high corrosion resistance, such as SS304, this kind of stainless steel has the characteristics of high corrosion resistance and high strength, but the 200 series stainless steel, such as SS201, although the price is low, but the corrosion resistant was less than the 300 series.